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Extract of contents

Introduction to the system and basic concepts
Deployment of Client DSMs
Client components and interaction of the components
The different package types
dependencies of packages and sequence control
Package properties such as reboot control, compliance enforcement, etc.
Testing packages, pilot installations and rollout
Software targeting / allocation concepts
Revision of packages
Log files and troubleshooting
Tips & Tricks


Repackaging of legacy applications with the DSM-Spy
Importing MSI packages
Install and uninstall applications via Silent Setup
Configuration packages - concept and deployment scenarios
Scripting with the NetInstall scripting language
Scripting support for WSH and PowerShell
Packaging of Plug-and-Play drivers

Presence training

If you appreciate direct contact with the trainer and a professional learning environment, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our face-to-face training sessions. These take place in the fully equipped training facilities of our locations in Pforzheim or Bergisch Gladbach. Daytime catering is included in the scope of services.

The implementation of these training courses depends on the requirements and decrees of the state governments, which are valid at the respective time due to the Corona pandemic. For the safety of participants and trainers, it goes without saying that the special hygiene regulations and distance regulations are observed in our training facilities.

Remote training

The above events can also be streamed via Splashtop if required, so that you can attend our open training sessions alternatively from a location of your choice - for example from your workplace or home office.

To conduct the practical exercises you will have remote access to our modern, professional and powerful training environment, so that all resources are available to you exactly as they would be if you attended the training on site. The only technical requirement for this is an Internet-capable end device with loudspeakers and microphone. We also recommend a second monitor, webcam and headset.



Duration: 3 days
Costs on site: € 699,-- per day and participant
Costs remote: € 669,-- per day and participant


Consulting Services: