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Smart Shutdown

For a long time now, a feature has been missing and frequently requested in the DSM world that offers a similar possibility for package executions as the "Install and Shutdown Updates" known from Windows 7. This would allow users to install software with the least interference with their work and still be able to deploy important updates, patches and applications in a timely manner.

Our solution

NWC Services has developed a solution that provides an analogue behaviour for software distribution with DSM. "Smart Shutdown" hooks into the Windows Shutdown process to check whether there are any currently running packages for the computer. If this is the case, it can be configured whether the software is installed without further enquiry, i.e. forced, or whether the user is granted the right to postpone the process. This can in turn be limited to a certain number of attempts or even a period of time before the distribution starts in any case. During the "Smart Shutdown", information is displayed on the screen so that users are always aware of the progress of the execution. Once the installation process is complete, the computer is shut down or rebooted as normal.


Your benefit

In this way, not only standard software packages but also Windows 10 features updates, which can take up to two hours to install, can be applied efficiently and with minimal disruption to production operations.


Download the Smart Shutdown WEBINAR here.

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