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Powershell Extensions
for DSM


Do it with scripts

Ivanti DSM
optimal control

With the PSX you can drastically simplify and automate complex routine client administration tasks with Ivanti DSM. Instead of performing an action manually from the console on each computer, they create a PowerShell script that does this for you. The favourable prices for the PSX licences allow a very fast amortisation of the investment.

Examples of use:

  • Automated comparison of the DSM DSMDB with the Active Directory
  • Rollout management Support during migration to Ivanti DSM
  • Integration in 3rd party solutions
  • Creation of individual surfaces for special tasks
  • Implementation of a defined patch management strategy
  • Automation of administration tasks
  • Delegation of administrative tasks
  • and much more...


Perfect complement to Ivanti DSM

With PowerShell Extensions (PSX) you can extend and optimise your client management with Ivanti DSM. Beside the automation also 3rd party products can be connected very well.


Over 160 DSM-specific cmdlets

All functions that can be used in the DSM-C can also be used with the PowerShell Extensions in PowerShell scripts.


Automation and optimisation of routine tasks

Automation and optimisation of routine tasksAutomation and optimisation of routine tasks


GUIs for every occasion

If, for example, you do not want to confront the helpdesk staff with the DSM console, you can very quickly implement an appropriate GUI with the PSX - taking into account the DSM rights model.


Flexible cmdlets for typical tasks

Checking DSM objects, controlling group memberships, reading and setting variables or parameters, packet assignments and much more


Dynamic reporting

The PSX can be used to create tailor-made reports on assignments, rollouts, patches or other data, for example, and can also be adapted in the event of changes.

Updates and adjustments

Always up-to-date

Regular updates, extensions and interface adaptations
After new DSM releases check the SOAP interface, etc. and if necessary new version of the PSX


3rd-party Products

If you want to integrate 3rd party products (e.g. service management, hepldesk solutions, etc.) with DSM, this is very well possible with the PSX - quasi as encapsulation of the DSM SOAP interface. Changes to the interface are "intercepted" by the PSX.




The question about the possibilities offered by the PowerShell Extensions (or even the Administration Webservice of the SOAP interface) can be answered something like this:

However, this answer is not completely correct, because even in the views mentioned above, DSMC sometimes still performs actions directly (i.e. "past" the administration web service) and, for example, writes the distribution targets of a package directly to the file system in the file "Project.jdf". For this reason it is not possible to define the distribution targets of a new package using the PowerShell Extensions alone.

Everything that is possible in the Management Console (DSMC) in the views "Computers & Users", "Software" as well as in "Virtual Environments" can also be executed via the Administration Webservice and thus also via the PowerShell Extensions.


Download the latest version of the PSX Extensions here.

(Registration required!)

Online help

Here you can find the online help of the Powershell Extensions.


Would you like to gain even more in-depth knowledge in the use of Powershell Extensions? Then book a training here!

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